Evaluation of Toshiba FlashAir Wireless Storage Card


As a senior digital control, do not know how to do photography? Speaking of photography, we have to say SLR. As the storage medium of photographs, of course, the memory card is indispensable. I bought a flash SD card and found that sometimes reading is very slow. Moreover, my entry-level SLR camera does not have a WiFi sharing function, which is very distressing for me to share my blog in the circle.

Later, through comparison, Toshiba Storage FlashAir 4th generation wireless memory card was selected. One Toshiba is a large factory specializing in storage equipment, which is safe and secure. Long-term use of precious photographic materials is still expected to be properly placed; the second is a lot of speed improvement, daily copy to the computer or other places to save a lot of time; the third is to share with my SLR wireless WiFi on the mobile phone.

The daily use of SLR cameras to take photos and videos is more. Of course, the larger the storage capacity, the better. Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card has 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage capacity to choose from. I directly consider the large file storage assured 64GB. A protective card box is attached, and the daily SD card can be well placed.

There's no more packaging to show here. The front of Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card is blue-and-white color matching. It's much better looking and more eye-catching than my previous SD card. It's easy to lose such a small card if you don't pay attention to it. The overall thickness is very balanced, although WiFi function is added, but the size has not changed, the daily use of easy plug-in cameras. The quality of SD cards is very important, we must choose a first-line brand, because once the data is lost or the SD card is damaged, we need to solve the problem of how to recover deleted photos from SD card free.

On the back of Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card is the relevant information, which can confirm the origin of Japan, which should be Toshiba high-end card series, daily use of rest assured. The side has the function of a LOCK lock, which can protect the data in the card very well. 64GB storage capacity can store a lot of single-play photos. In general, this SD card can be used as a temporary U disk in emergency situations. However, it is not recommended that long-term use of the SD card will damage the card after all.

Reading and writing speed has a great impact on work efficiency. The official publicity of Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card reads and writes at 90 MB/S and 70 MB/S, respectively. Actually, the maximum reading speed is 87.57 MB/S and the maximum writing speed is 72.62 MB/S through ATTO Disk Benchmark run-off test. Because it is related to computer configuration and reading equipment, it is basically consistent with the official publicity. The key is that such reading and writing basically meets the transmission requirements of daily photos and videos.

At the same time, the results of running through CrystalDiskMask are similar to those before, with the maximum reading and writing speeds of 87.98 MB/S and 76.23 MB/S, respectively.

Brand and speed are very confident, this time finally solve the problem of importing SLR camera pictures. The fourth generation FlashAir uses mature yefi Wi-Fi wireless technology to effectively avoid automatic camera shutdown during wireless transmission, thus ensuring stable and fast data transmission. Synchronized camera photos on mobile phones can help you view and share, so that you can let others know your shooting results at any time during the process of going to the press conference or shooting. Mobile phones need to download and install FlashAir APP in advance, and connect to FlashAir card through wireless WiFi. There is no difficulty. The main thing is to ensure that the camera you use is energized, otherwise power failure or dormant state can not be used.